Horse Jumps That Are Safe To Use

Horse jumps may be familiar to audiences at the showground and those seated before their TV sets. They are an integral part of the showjumping event, with the object of the exercise being for both horse and its rider to skillfully eclipse these jumps. The horse and its rider are thus given a score out of ten by a team of judges on the sidelines of the showjumping circuit. Points are not just awarded for successfully jumping over the fences. They are also awarded for the speed at which the horse and rider can complete the circuit.

Quite possibly, the most important recognition goes towards the style and poise, the grace and agility of both horse and rider, and more especially, the horse. And to think that it all begins with kids horse jumps. While it is true that each and every one of you, no matter your age or circumstances, can learn how to ride and frolic with a horse, and as it goes with many skills and disciplines in life, the best time to learn is at the youngest age reasonably possible. It is in this way that the best breed of champion riders and horses will be produced.

kids horse jumps

But in order for the trainers’ work to be successful, proper circumstances need to be assured. The horse jumps placed on the training terrain are probably a lot more important than the curtain call on the showjumping circuit. These jumps will be a replica of the main event. In order to ensure that horse and rider remain safe and injury free during training and the main event, coaches and event organizers are turning to the use of wooden horse jumps and cups. Research revealed that the plastic variations were just too risky for ensuring the horse’s wellbeing. 

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