8 Flea Facts for Pet Owners

If you are a pet owner, fleas are a concern that you’ll deal with at some point or another. The parasite feeds off the blood of your cat, dog, rabbit, or other animal. Once a problem with fleas erupts in the home or on your pet, there are many issues that come along with it, and it’s not always simple to get the fleas out of the home. Prevention is best, which is fairly simple when you provide top-notch pet care palm harbor fl for your pet.

Eight flea facts that you might want to know are:

1.    Although fleas prefer pets, they’ll bit humans, too.

2.    Fleas are amazing jumpers and can leap up to 20-ft. In one jump.

3.    Fleas may live in the carpet, sofa, beds, and other areas.

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4.    Flea collars and other treatments are available for your pet but don’t treat him alone and make sure to treat your house for the pest as well.

5.    A flea can go a long time without eating. In fact, research suggests the may live for up to one-year without eating. This means you can have a big problem on your hands if you’re unlucky.

6.    It doesn’t take long for a flea infestation to occur. A female flea can lay as many as 50 eggs in a single day! That is more than 20,000 fleas in a matter of just 8 weeks’ time.

7.    Have an indoor-only pet? Don’t assume that fleas are not a concern because they affect indoor and outdoor pets alike.

8.    Fleas carry disease and they can sometimes be passed to humans. This is even more reason to treat a problem with fleas at the first indication of trouble.

Now that you have these flea facts on your mind, it is easy to protect your pets at all times.

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