Puppies So Cute Hard To Believe They’re Real

schnauzer puppies for sale

Aww! Really folks. Just take another look at them. These schnauzer puppies for sale are so small and cute, you can hardly believe your eyes that they are really for real. They look like little fluffy toys that only little kids would play with. But as real as they really are, you need to be really gentle with them. They are quite fragile, you see. They are so light; they could be as light as a feather. And in thinking that they are toys, it just goes to show because they have been given rather odd or sweet names, like toy or teacup, for instance. Small as they are, they could be tough cookies for you around the house. These miniature schnauzers are stockily built and quite square in body.

But bless their little souls for these are the little ones you have really got to treasure. They say that a ‘long-bodied, short-legged’ little teacup or toy – miniature schnauzer pup is really suffering from dwarfism. Or are they really suffering? To think that this is the ideal weight of a grownup schnauzer. Nothing less than three pounds and nothing more than six pounds. Cute or what? Teacup schnauzers actually stop growing before they are even a year old. But there are bigger boys and girls around. Toy schnauzers can weigh up to ten pounds, while one line of miniature schnauzers has been able to achieve the hefty weight of sixteen pounds. 

Dedicated dog breeders are able to achieve bloodlines that contain no ‘merle genetics’. And these are believed to be your one hundred percent purely bred miniature schnauzers. But that’s still hard to believe. Because just look at them. They look so toy-like, it makes you want to play with them.

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