Regular Walking Good For You & Dog

Regular walking is good for you. And that is official. There is no need for you to risk your arches, heels and knees anymore by going on a run. Especially when you are getting on in years. Your regular walk will continue to do your cardiovascular system a world of good provided that you are walking at a brisk pace. And if your fine and well looked after dog is as healthy as you, if not, healthier, then there is every good chance that the walking sessions essex county pathways will continue to be brisk hives of activity.

Never mind what others have to say about this but every dog really does have its day. And if it is able to have its regularly recommended regular walks on a regular basis then you are looking at one very healthy and happy chap indeed. The daily walk is every dog’s highlight. It is well and truly a bonus for many a neighborhood dog if it is able to indulge in a second walk for the day. And then there are those really lucky ones.

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They get to take in a third walk, would you believe. Yes, there are many folks reading this tonight who might not believe this. They may even be feeling pangs of guilt. They’ve given it their all at the office and their heart, in more ways than one, is just not into walking their best friend tonight. And how ironic. Another saying. So doggone tired. No need to feel guilty if you really insist on losing out on a regular walk that is good for you and him.

While you are ‘resting’ you can hire someone to take your dog for a walk. Do note how lively and healthy that person is.

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