Facts About Black Angus Raised Beef

If you want to breed cattle, there are a few breeds that you can choose from. The choice that you make is important. When the cattle are ready to go to the slaughterhouse, you want it to be a big, healthy stock that produces plenty of meat. Here are a few more important facts to ponder about black angus raised in central texas.

·    The Angus beef breed is one of the most popular choices to raise in Central Texas, as well as other parts of the world. In fact, it is one of the top three most common beef cattle breeds in the U.S.

·    Also called Aberdeen Angus, the Black Angus breed hails from Scotland in the regions of Angus and Aberdeenshire.

black angus raised in central texas

·    They’re often nicknamed ‘hummlies’ or ‘doddies’ and astonishingly, historical records of the breed show that most Angus cattle today can actually be traced directly back to two original ancestors from the 1800s, owned by Hugh Watson.

·    They generally come in black or red, and are naturally polled. This is important for farmers who would rather avoid the effort of dehorning their herd.

·    Angus cows weigh an average of 550 kg, while bulls can weigh about 850kg, with high muscle content. Their frame is classed as average-sized. You want to get your cattle as large as possible.

·    The breed has an unusually strong reputation, with its beef often being hailed as superior. Although this is subjective, there is a strong culture in many fast-food chain restaurants that consider a “100% Angus” label as some kind of advantage, and they market it as such. This means that there is often a preconception among consumers about the standard of Angus beef, which can be a benefit to farmers of the breed.